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Quote from William Shatner (Star Trek and Boston Legal Fame)

“Joe DiMaggio is one of the finest photographers in the United States and his partner, JoAnne Kalish is also an internationally known photographer.”

Dan Steinhardt, Canon U.S.A.

After a DiMaggio workshop I was so inspired that I went on a photographic shooting spree, experimenting and trying, “To See” rather than merely record.

From Student Joo Chung

"Joe DiMaggio and JoAnne Kalish run the best workshops I've ever attended. Their workshops are all about photography and nothing else. Not only do they teach you the techniques that they have learned over the years, but they teach you the most important lessons: to see creatively, to enjoy photography, and to explore the subject. But the best part of their workshops is that they are great and fun photographers who attract other great and fun photographers."  - Joo Chung

From Andrew Ehrlich

I interned for Joe & JoAnne during the late 70's and 80's and have remained close ever since. I have assisted them on major assignments for magazines and corporate clients. I was ringside during many sporting events and assisted them when their photograph made the cover of Sports Illustrated. I went on to New York University's School of Film and Television and continued with my love of photography to this day. Joe and JoAnne's style of photography and teaching complement each other and you never know what the next assignment or lesson might be. They are great people and educators and no matter what level photographer you are, you will come away from their workshops learning more than you ever expected. Their workshops are informative and exciting and I highly recommend them to EVERYONE!! - Andrew Ehrlich 

From Geoff Miller

I first carried a bag for Joe DiMaggio as an assistant at the 1982 Indy 500. That year Joe captured the quentisential final line image for Sports Illustrated of what was then the closest finish in Indy history. Twenty-four years later I followed in one of my mentors' footsteps when my photo of the 2006 Indy 500 finish was double-trucked in the same publication. As a youth I was amazed at Joe's ability to come up with unique angles to frequently photographed subject. I still have a racing wall calendar from 1978 that features an image of Joe's that still grabs my attention... It was a wide angle photo of one of Tom Sneva's pit stops with a nomex clad crewman staring back at the camera after he drew the "catch can" back from the car. It's that type of angle I try and seek today. 

Geoff Miller, Photographer 

From Student Lisa Tang Liu

It is a privilege to have studied under Joe and JoAnne. Their love for life clearly shows in their beautiful photography. Not only is it always an inspiration just to be around them, but learning their techniques and secrets taught me to see beauty in the most mundane objects around me. Taking their workshops vastly improved my photography. - Lisa Tang Liu

From Student Brian Struble

Joe and JoAnne are 2 of the warmest and most genuine individuals you can ever meet. Their warmth and spirit is evident in the places and people you will photograph during the workshop. My time with Joe and JoAnne has truly helped improve my work, and I look forward to the next time I take a workshop with them. - Brian Struble, photographer 

From Student David Morel

"I first met Joe and JoAnne in 2000 during a workshop and consider them good friends to this day. I learned more about improving my photography that one weekend then I had in my 30+ years of shooting prior to that. They helped me understand more than the "how"...but also the "why" in photography. I started seeing images in my head first, enabling me to find the right shot and to capture it. I am a better and more successful photographer thanks to Joe and JoAnne" - David Morel 


Hi Joe & JoAnne, “Just wanted to thank you two for such a great workshop. You two were extremely knowledgeable and hospitable. Your years of combined experience really shine in the private workshop. The answers to my questions were simple to understand and apply. I learned a lot from your tutelage and left eager to apply my new knowledge in my next assignment. Thank you for the inspiration and priceless knowledge. Definitely the best $ I ever spent, looking forward to the next workshop!

David Kenney wrote: “Your teaching style is the best.”

“It is truly an honor to listen to and speak to a truly gifted photographer such as yourself...

“It is truly an honor to listen to and speak to a truly gifted photographer such as yourself.  It's not often that I ever come into contact with people like yourself and that's because there aren't many people like that.” - Pete Stavrakoglou

Karen Lincecum Blackburn wrote:

I loved your class in NY and meeting with you at your Learning Center. Have begun to implement your advice!! You guys are great : )

Stan Stought Explorer H2O

To Joe at one of his many Lectures –“You have a wonderful demeanor sir. You spoke about how Paul Newman made people feel comfortable being around him and I felt that way around you today.” Pete Stavrakoglou
“Joe’s achievements, experience, competency in his field, reliability, organizational, communication skills, and ease of interaction with fellow passengers are exceptional. In what can be defined as a highly technical field, Joe’s approach/ presentation towards photography makes it simple, fun and doable. Why should Joe DiMaggio be considered over other lecturers? Passion, knowledge, notoriety, expertise, creativity, presentation, deliverability and social likeability! Joe loves photography! He loves what he does! A perfect formula

From Dr. George Turi

“Thank you so very much for an outstanding Sunday of photography, your grace, charm, insights into what makes a better photographer, and your points of view on many diverse items related to our favorite hobby.”  – Dr. George Turi

Robbie Magee, Saatchi & Saatchi

I call Joe when I have to be absolutely sure the assignment will be done right. Joe dives into each and every assignment with boundless enthusiasm, incredible work ethic, and unfailing attention to detail, collaborative spirit and a distinctive sense of style and humor. Given his 30 plus years of experience, I’d say that’s a pretty amazing package.”

Paul Laddin, President Laddin & Associates Advertising Agency

Over the years, I have worked with Joe and JoAnne on varied and complex assignments. They have brought to each project their unique imagery, creativity and imagination that is unparalleled in my experience. If you have not yet worked with Joe or JoAnne you owe it to yourself to bring in their exceptional talents to enhance your next campaign.

(Student) Mavis Bauman

I loved the heart you both have for sharing your knowledge, experience and passion for photography. I could watch your slide-shows for hours.” Would you recommend this workshop to fellow photo enthusiasts? “ABSOLUTELY.

Student Andrea Truppa

During the seminar, I was inspired by your artistry and skill.

Student Li Low

It was so refreshing to hear your thoughts on a wide array of subject matter. I found your works and philosophy truly inspiring.

Dennis E Myers (Student)

I have discovered in myself that I love taking pictures again. I truly believe that one person is responsible for this, Joe DiMaggio. He teaches and challenges us to think how to make that one shot. He is that rare person that enjoys teaching and it is so evident in how he comes across to his students. I think that there are many others that have worked with him in the past and in the future have felt and will feel the same about him.

Susan Woog Wagner

Just a note to tell you how much I enjoyed the workshop and meeting you two. Really fun and I learned a lot. I would love a critique of my work and maybe some private workshop??

The Bobby Kyle Band- Pro Assignment Workshop

Fantastic, Fantastic, Fantastic Workshop certainly exceeded my expectations. Besides seeing old friends and meeting some new ones, the camaraderie and chemistry between everyone was in sync. As usual, you made the day more than just about learning to shoot. You made the day one where we had to think on our feet, quickly. Thoroughly enjoyed our time in the Learning Center, watching your art, and learning some history. Bobby Kyle, Everett Boyd and Marc Copell are a great bunch of guys. I learned a lot.

Alice Shenusay

Hi JoAnne, “We really enjoyed your presentation last night and I will try some of your techniques. Your images are beautiful and your enthusiasm is evident. Thank you again.

Yoni Minz

The photo walk was fantastic. I keep telling everyone about it. I am finally finished sorting through my 1600+ images from that day. The ones I think are best are on my flickr page if you want to take a look

From Nolwenn Pugi

Good evening Joe,
Thank you for such an amazing day. What a wonderful experience! Nolwenn Pugi

John Pitts

Photo-walking Tour during the Chinese New Year celebration was phenomenal. I really learned a lot from your numerous street photography tips. I look forward to taking photos with you again soon. Thanks again for sharing your expertise!

Hi Joe & Joanne

What a great workshop, I left feeling challenged, but I did walk away with some great shots. I love these workshops, they really provoke my creativity!!. “Barbara Schweighauser

Brian wrote:

I agree – one of the best workshops ever… Thank you, Joe for deciding to push us this time out – the challenge of finding the photograph under deadline was refreshing. It was good to see the gloves come off…

Ann wrote:

Ditto to what David very aptly said….this was a great workshop. The best. Thanks to you, Bobby Kyle and his band

Regards, Jeff Thomas

Let me echo (again) this was an awesome workshop – the best I have ever attended – and thanks doesn’t do justice. Look forward to the next get together. I have attached a couple of my favorite shots – one from the gym and one from Dumbo. Catch you soon.”