DiMaggio:Kalish Learning Center 3198

Are you tired of workshops that are filled with countless individuals and very few instructors? Are you looking for a more hands-on approach to learning more about photography? Then you may be interested in Private Instruction with Joe DiMaggio or JoAnne Kalish. Together, Joe and JoAnne have many years of experience in the photographic business, with a long list of Fortune 500 clients and many accreditations to their records.Their work has graced the covers of Time, and Sports Illustrated as well as many other publications. They have also instructed numerous workshops throughout the world as well. Now you can take that same instruction to a whole new level with private lessons.

The unique characteristics that separates these workshops from the rest is not the credits, it’s not the equipment; it’s all about the technique and variety of styles in which Joe & JoAnne can disseminate their knowledge of the photographic world. Both are known not only for their stunning studio work (most recently JoAnne’s with her portrayal of Artist Will Barnet, who was awarded the Medal of Arts in 2012 by President Obama. Her portrait is now in the permanent collection in the portraits section, of the National Gallery of Art in Washington DC. With Joe’s photographic studies of Boxer Gerry Cooney, musicians Hugh Brodie and Eddie Kirkland, Playwright Budd Schulberg, Writer Bert Sugar & the list goes on. They are also known for their high impact graphic shots; as well as their expertise with studio still life, and sports/action photography. One may remember the Cooney vs. Holmes cover of Sports Illustrated that went onto becoming Time Magazine’s “Picture of the Year,” which Joe took, as well as JoAnne’s famous sequence of the Formula One shunt at the Long Beach Grand Prix. This first appeared in Sport Illustrated and later JoAnne’s photo was used as a spread in driver Mario Andretti’s coffee table book. Joe and JoAnne can instruct on almost any camera, film to digital, compact to full featured SLR’s; they can teach you the little tricks and techniques to take you to the next level. Private Workshops/Lessons can be held anywhere for anyone interested. Price will vary depending on location of workshop as well as necessary travel arrangements.

We are offering a new concept for our workshops to our students – its called build a workshop. For several students interested, we will be giving semi-private workshops at our new Learning Center for 3-8 people at a time. Interested Participants must first submit a small portfolio of their work prior to sign up. Fees will range depending on size of group (they can be as low as $250 a person.) Please e-mail kalishdimaggio@gmail.com for more information. You will have a choice of 10 Sundays throughout the year to schedule your workshop.   Who would benefit from this? Classes would be divided into beginners, advanced amateurs, semi-pros and pros. With the thousands of assignments we’ve done and the tens of thousands of stock photographs we’ve sold, you will get first hand “real” experience. Our credentials are not make-believe blogging credentials but real credentials.


Take a virtual tour:  https://vimeo.com/100507454