Hours 4:00 PM – 9PM  Cost $199.00

Brooklyn Bridge Park, on the Brooklyn side of the East River, has been undergoing a major revitalization and reclamation, and is now accessible for New Yorkers to fully enjoy the riverside promenades, beautifully planted greenways, natural habitats, and amazing views.

Our workshop begins in the late afternoon and runs through sunset, you’ll be shooting scenics and landscapes, learning how to vary perspective, shoot close-ups, how to create mood, environmental portraits, panning for action, shooting in a variety of lighting situations, and working with tripods and other alternative supports.

Joe & JoAnne will answer your questions and share their secrets and tips for shooting in a wide variety of the situations you may encounter, including how to make better available light portraits, how to mix available light with fill flash, as well as how to work with and get the results you want with neutral density and polarizing filters.

The Brooklyn Bridge Park is a great location to shoot the Manhattan skyline, especially as the daylight fades and the city lights up for the evening, magic hour and sunsets are a wonderful way to end this Photowalk.

As with all Photowalks, the goal is for this to be a terrific time photographing memorable images, sharing a special camaraderie and having fun, so be flexible and come prepared to learn and enjoy!

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*Itinerary may be subject to last-minute changes due to weather or other circumstances.


Equipment: You want to go as light as possible–really! Bring one camera and one wide-angle zoom and one mid- range zoom (i.e., 10-22mm, 16-35mm, 24-70mm or 70-200mm) lenses. Also an electronic flash, if it’s not built into the camera, is a good option, and a tripod, or possibly an alternate camera support if you have one. Bring plenty of memory cards, extra batteries, a cleaning cloth, a neutral density filter, a polarizing filter, electronic cable release (if you have it), and plastic bags in case of inclement weather for your equipment.  Please bring your tripods along for this one.

Clothing: We will mainly be outdoors so bring appropriate clothing for the weather of the day, dress casually and comfortably, with good walking shoes, and remember, this is a late afternoon into an evening of walking and photographing.

Level: All levels, from Photo Enthusiasts to Aspiring Pros.

Terms & Conditions for Participating in our Workshops

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We rely on your attendance and make important arrangements prior to workshops because there is a lot of pre-production involved. If, for any reason, you need to withdraw, please notify us in writing (e mail is okay) 30 days prior to the start of the workshop and we will refund the workshop less $125 for the cancellation fee.  If you need to cancel 30 days prior to the workshop we retain the entire balance.

We are not responsible for cancellations due to medical emergencies. 

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