Westchester Photographic Society Presents Lecture with Award Winning International Photographer Joe DiMaggio on Friday June 29 & on Saturday June 30, Joe will be giving a hands on & in-the-field Workshop at Studio and Farm of Artist Dennis Wheeler in Hillsdale, NY 

Lecture Friday June 29th -

Joe DiMaggio An Award Winning International Photographer for four decades.

Joe will share his insights about photography and inspire and encourage you to take your photography to the next level. During Joe’s talk he will show various multi-media shows & excerpts from his television shows. Bring your questions.  It’s not uncommon for surprise guests to show up that evening also.


In-the-field hands-on Workshop Saturday June 30th  With Joe DiMaggio - cost $199.

Photo ©Joe DiMaggio

Joe DiMaggio will be doing a very special workshop on location at the studio and farm of artist Dennis Wheeler in Hillsdale, New York.  Dennis is a very special multi-talented artist whose work is in the Permanent Collection of the Museum of Modern art, The Library of Congress, and The Bibliotheque Nationale, as well as in various private collections. Dennis has had over fifty published Time Magazine Covers over the years.


Other than being a great artist, Dennis is quite eloquent in what he has to say about the world of art today. His studio/barn is divided into four spaces, his workshop, his gallery, his office, and his print room.  We will be covering different aspects of portraiture, from available light to mixing light. We will learn how to work, as if on assignment and experience what it’s like to go on location and make a meaningful and great portrait.


In addition, we will have lunch at the farm and spend time in a round table discussion on photography & art. The farm in Hillsdale is approximately 100 acres of beautiful countryside where there will be other photographic opportunities that will be available for us to explore.

Link to Dennis Wheeler's art on one of Joe's web pages  -http://dimaggiophoto.com/Dennis/tiltviewer/index.html

Hours of the Workshop – 12-6    with Lunch approximately at 2PM  Cost of Workshop is $199.00


Joe DiMaggio

DiMaggio’s work over three decades has been featured in publications such as “Time,” “Life,” “Sports Illustrated,” and many others. “Time Magazine” named his “Sports Illustrated,” cover of Cooney vs. Holmes, Best Picture of the Year. His talent earned him a coveted invitation to join the International Olympic Games Pool. His gift for advertising photography has netted him a list of Fortune 500 clients and prestigious advertising agencies.

DiMaggio’s talent as a teacher has gained him a national reputation. He’s been featured on ABC-TV’s “World of Photography” and has hosted episodes of ESPN’s “Canon Photo Safari” with celebrity guests and amateur photographers William Shatner and A.J. Langer. He has lectured to thousands of aspiring photographers in workshops around the world. DiMaggio has been a lecturer many times over for the “American Photo/Popular Photography” Mentor Workshops, taught at Palm Beach and The Maine Photographic Workshops and does specialty and private workshops at the DiMaggio/Kalish Learning Center with partner JoAnne Kalish. “Sights Unseen” is the first in a series of Travel/Adventure Photography DVD‘s DiMaggio has done.

Equally at ease with pictures that move, DiMaggio has directed a number of commercials and short films including a one-hour documentary, which aired on Discovery Channel’s Shark Week. His most recent feature documentary film is titled In This Corner.  His new film for is a full-length documentary on Jazz called Early in the Morning.





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