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Kart & Stock Car Racing at Blakeslee PA
Exit 284 off Interstate 80, take route 115 South for 3 miles, make left on Long Pond Road and follow signs for gate #1 tunnel entrance  

We have a special opportunity to do an in-depth Sports and Action Workshop at the Pocono 500 Racetrack, where we will have unprecedented access to the track. This workshop will be for a small elite group and is for intermediate to advanced photographers only. The approximate starting time will be at 9am - 4 pm (we may get there earlier and we may stay till later.)

Join Veteran Photographer Joe DiMaggio as he shows you the ins` and outs of photographing Auto Racing.  We will have credentials and great access to the track.  We will start the day honing our skills while photographing Go Kart Racing early in the morning. During the Kart Races we will be able to get in close to the corners of the track, which is a great place to work from. As the day progresses we will then move onto photographing Stock Car Racing which will be at higher speeds.

On this very special & exciting action packed workshop, you will be photographing cars at high speeds. Some of the things we'll cover are how tracking works on your cameras, what are the best shutter speeds to use to capture motion as the cars come toward and past you, as well as learning how to make great pans to capture the fluid motion. We will be working with monopods as well, which when shooting action and using long lenses really come in handy.

Kart Racing Begins at  9AM & there will be a second session at 10 AM.
 During the Kart Races we will begin practicing these skills.

Please note this workshop is for intermediate and advanced photographers only and is at your own risk. Automobile racing is dangerous and you need to be vigilant at all times of your surroundings. Lunch will not be included in the cost of the workshop.

Recommended equipment; one or two cameras and some possible lenses would be the 70-200mm, 70-300mm, 100-400mm, and a variable wide-angle zoom.  If you have long glass, this would be a good time to bring it. The price of the workshop is $250.

 Joe's short video -  Recent Formula One Grand Prix Multi-media Presentation

*Please note auto racing workshop is at your own risk. Proper instruction will be given for safety beforehand. 

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