Pro Rodeo Workshop

Professional Rodeo Workshop (Last of Year!)
Semi-Private workshop
Saturday August 17 
(open to 4 intermediate to advanced participants only) 

Because of popular demand we are adding another rodeo workshop this summer. At the rodeo you will have an opportunity to hone your skills with action photography time/motion, environmental portraits, and graphic design. It is a very exciting action packed workshop! The program will start with a gathering at the DiMaggio/Kalish Learning Center in the Upper Delaware for a round table discussion on covering such an event, as well as a multimedia show. Spaces for this workshop are extremely limited. We strongly suggest you sign up as soon as possible.

The Saturday workshop will be from 4 PM to 9 PM  
The cost of the workshop is $199 
The professional rodeo is co-sponsored by the American Professional Rodeo Association (APRA)

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