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            Our Award winning Travel /Photography Teaching DVDs 

 DVD is $20 plus $6 shipping in U.S. Perfect for photography and travel enthusiasts 

     The DVD are visual guides to taking a more professional and unconventional
         approach to photography with hosts Joe DiMaggio and JoAnne Kalish

Read What Some People have said -

"Thank you also for your DVD, there's no way I'd ever ask for the money back,
it was extremely inspirational, instantly pushing you to look at things more
creatively, look for the best light, look for every opportunity.  I'm sure I'll be
watching it many times. 

I hope to participate in more of your workshops."

                                                                                             -Sureita Hockley

"Venice seen with a different eye! I really enjoyed this DVD as both an avid photographer and a lover of 
Venice. The photographic teachings, tips and guidance is brilliantly simple and useful. 
Daniel M (New York NY)  

"This DVD gave me a whole new outlook on both digital photography and Venice. I've been using a digital camera for years
but felt that I wasn't getting the best results 
from my camera for my efforts. This DVD has helped me tremendously to
optimize my results; I've watched it a number of times as I keep getting more and more out of it."
"The hosts really make things
clear and simple, which makes what they teach easy to 
implement. Also, I know Venice pretty well but am now chomping at the bit 
to get back there. It's such a stunning and rare city and is so beautifully represented by the hosts' pictures that I can't wait to get
there to 
make my own photographs. I highly recommend this DVD - it's truly a bargain for all it delivers."  Julian Elias (Oakland, CA)

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