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(Monday May 30, 2016)  Memorial Day 
This is a small semi-private workshop (6 participants only) Price: $300.00 (paypal link below)

Location: Registered participants will be contacted by email several days prior to the workshop with the details for the Meeting Place and other pertinent information.

The Memorial Day Bike Race Somerville, New Jersey is an extremely exciting event of competitive cycling for professionals and amateurs over Memorial Day weekend.  Tour of Somerville cycling Series Workshop is known as “Kentucky Derby of Cycling”  The Tour is the oldest major bicycle race in the United States and a legend in the lore of bicycle racing. Somerville Cycling The professional competitors in the race feature race average speeds up to 40 mph in an exciting 50-mile race.

The workshop will be an all day event and hours will be posted as soon as they are available for 2015.  The workshop is for all levels of photographers from photo enthusiasts to serious pros (limited to 6 participants only.)

Join Joe & JoAnne for an exciting and educational sports/action workshop. Topics covered will be capturing head on action, working with pans and slow shutter speeds, learning how to fill with flash when necessary, what lenses work best, what shutter speeds and apertures to use to get the best shots.  There will be quite a large turnout of people and learning how to shoot environmental portraiture as well as tight graphics along the way will also be part of the workshop.  Each participant will be working toward making a complete photo story of the day’s events as if working on assignment.

Terms & Conditions for Participating in our Workshops

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We rely on your attendance and make important arrangements prior to workshops because there is a lot of pre-production involved. If, for any reason, you need to withdraw, please notify us in writing (e mail is okay) 30 days prior to the start of the workshop and we will refund the workshop less $125 for the cancellation fee.  If you need to cancel after 30 days prior to the workshop we retain the entire balance.

We are not responsible for cancellations due to medical emergencies. 

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